What We Offer for Your Aircon in Perth

At Everest HVAC & R we are your go to professional for all things air conditioner in Perth.

Our crew of seasoned pros is fully geared up to bring unmatched comfort to your spaces be it at home or your workplace.

We’ve got an ace up our sleeve with our inside knowledge of Perth’s unique weather patterns ensuring that your air conditioning is a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Man installing air conditioner in Perth - Everest HVAC & R

Our Services we offer in Perth

Air Conditioning Services in Perth

When the weather rises or drops in Perth a reliable air conditioner isn’t just a luxury it’s your lifeline to comfort. That’s why we at Everest HVAC & R don’t just push boxes we deliver customised air conditioning installations that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your space.

Air Conditioner Installations in Perth

Diving into the nitty gritty of aircon installation we understand that every building sings a different tune when it comes to climate control. With that in mind we carefully select and install air conditioning systems that will keep you cool, calm and collected no matter the weather outside.

Maintenance and Repairs of Your Air Conditioner in Perth

Post installation our dedication doesn’t waver. We’re your steadfast partners in regular maintenance and  repairs ensuring that your air conditioning units are in tip top shape. Our specialist technicians are always ready to roll up their sleeves to help you avoid those sweaty (or shivery) emergencies and keep the chill out of your bill.

Commercial Refrigeration  in Perth

Extending our expertise we provide  commercial refrigeration repairs, installations and upkeep in addition to air conditioning services. We understand that a smooth running business in Perth relies on smooth running refrigeration and climate control systems.

Professional Air Conditioning Services in Perth: Why They Are Essential

When it comes to air conditioning in Perth, calling in the pros isn’t just about getting a blast of cold air when the heat is on.

It’s about making sure your unit runs like a dream without burning a hole in your pocket or the ozone layer.

At Everest HVAC & R we are all about that. We use the latest tech to make sure your air con’s pumping out the good stuff efficiently.

And with our years of hands on experience we know how to keep your system in top shape which means less stress on the environment and your wallet.

Everest Air conditioning in Mindarie

Choosing us means you are not just getting a quick fix. You’re getting a team that makes sure your air con is a trusty sidekick for the long haul.

We are talking about keeping your home or business comfy not just for now but for the future too. With Everest HVAC & R your air con isn’t just another appliance it’s part of a bigger picture for a cooler, greener Perth.

So you can rest easy knowing that your comfort is in good hands and you’re doing your bit for the planet too.

Testimonials: Air Conditioning in Perth

“Can’t say enough good things about Everest HVAC & R. They sorted out our aircon installation without a hitch and it’s been smooth sailing with the temperature at home ever since.”

– Jane S., homeowner in Perth.

When our aircon broke down the Everest team were there on the double and they had it fixed up before we knew it.

– Omar F., homeowner in Perth.

“Our office aircon is always in great  shape thanks to the regular check ups from Everest HVAC & R. They’re a solid team.”

– Liam G., business owner in Perth.

Everest’s crew really knows their stuff when it comes to aircons. They did a bang up job on the installation at our place.

– Emily R., Perth.

Air Conditioning Experience in Perth: A Case Study

A Perth shopping centre was in a bit of a bind with their aircon playing up which was not great for the people renting there or the centre’s reputation. Everest HVAC & R didn’t waste any time getting a crew of skilled techs over there to figure out what was going wrong. we went over the system pinpointing issues from old school thermostats to dodgy ducts.

We got stuck in switching out the old thermostats for new ones that you can set just right which helps cut down on the power use. Then they patched up the ducts to get rid of any leaks which made the whole system work better.

They even gave the aircon units a full MOT with new filters and a few tweaks here and there to get them running smoothly. The result? The aircon was back to being reliable and the folks running the centre were chuffed because the fix meant the running costs went down since the system didn’t need to work as hard to keep the place cool.

It’s a win win – the centre saved some cash and we proved once again that we are the go to for sorting out aircon systems in Perth.

FAQs on Air Conditioning in Perth

Can Everest HVAC & R help me make my aircon more energy efficient?

Sure thing. We are all about getting your place kitted out with an aircon that’s kind on both your bills and the environment. We will check out what you’ve got and recommend the best ways to get your system up to scratch with the latest energy saving gear.

What makes Everest HVAC & R the go to for aircon services in Perth?

Well it’s our knack for getting to grips with Perth’s weather and making sure our customers get a service that’s cut out just for them. We are not happy unless you are happy so we make sure every job, big or small is done right and up to scratch with what you would expect from pros.

Got any green options for aircon?

You bet. We’ve got a bunch of eco friendly aircon units that pack a punch without pummelling the planet. So you can chill out knowing your aircon is keeping things cool in more ways than one.

Do your aircon systems work for both houses and businesses in Perth?

Yes we’ve got the whole shebang  aircon that fits just right whether you’re decking out your home or kitting up your business. No matter the size of your space we’ve got something that’ll do the job nicely.

How fast can you sort out an aircon meltdown in Perth?

 If your aircon decides to throw a wobbly we’re just around the corner. We will be there pronto to get your cool back on track so you won’t have to sweat it out for long.

For top tier air conditioning services in Perth turn to the trusted air conditioner experts at Everest HVAC & R.

We guarantee a blend of expertise, efficiency and excellent customer service.

Reach out to us today to ensure your air conditioning needs in Perth are met with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.