Everest HVAC & R recently completed a highly efficient installation of a ducted air conditioning system for a residential property located on Burns Beach Road, Joondalup. This project showcases our commitment to delivering high-quality climate control solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Client Requirements & Challenges

The client at Burns Beach Rd in Joondalup required a comprehensive air conditioning system capable of delivering both cooling and heating throughout their expansive two-story residence. The need was for a solution that would operate efficiently across different seasons, catering to the varying climate needs of the area. The primary challenge was the integration of a sophisticated ducted system into a beautifully designed home without compromising its architectural integrity. The homeowner emphasised the importance of maintaining the home’s aesthetic, which features custom interior designs and premium finishes. Any visible components such as vents or ductwork needed to align with the existing decor seamlessly.

Our Solution

Everest HVAC & R selected a ducted air conditioning system renowned for its energy efficiency and exceptionally quiet operation, addressing the client’s needs for an unobtrusive system. The solution was tailored specifically to the architecture of the house. We designed a bespoke layout that facilitated optimal airflow and effective temperature control across numerous zones in the home, thereby ensuring consistent comfort in every room, from the spacious living areas to the intimate bedrooms upstairs.

The installation strategy involved positioning vents in discrete yet strategic locations to enhance the system’s functionality without detracting from the home’s visual appeal. We utilised cutting-edge 3D modeling to simulate airflow and adjust the placement of each component for balanced temperatures, avoiding hot or cold spots commonly associated with inferior installations.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Energy Efficiency: The installed system incorporates the latest inverter technology, which adjusts power consumption by varying the motor speed of the compressor. This technology not only reduces energy bills but also minimises the environmental footprint of the home.
  • Customised Control: Each zone within the house can be individually controlled via a smart thermostat, allowing the homeowner to tailor the environment in each room or area according to personal preferences or specific uses, thus enhancing overall comfort while maximising energy efficiency.
  • Minimal Aesthetic Impact: Special attention was given to the aesthetic integration of the system. Vents were custom-designed to blend into the home’s design motifs, matching with the overall colour schemes and structural elements. Ducts were routed through less visible areas to preserve the interior design.
  • Reliability & Durability: Our choice of high-quality materials and components, from the ducting insulation to the system’s electronic controls, ensures that the air conditioning system will provide durable and reliable service for years to come.

Project Execution

The installation was executed within the agreed two-week timeframe, adhering strictly to the planned schedule to minimise disruption to the household. Our certified technicians, experienced in working with high-end residential properties, upheld the highest standards of professionalism and cleanliness throughout the installation process, ensuring that each day’s work was completed neatly and efficiently.

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Client Satisfaction & Feedback

Post installation, the homeowner reported significant improvements in both comfort and functionality of the home’s climate control, appreciating the system’s ease of use and the enhanced comfort it provided. They were particularly impressed with the seamless integration of the technology into their home and the tidiness of the installation process. Their positive feedback reinforces Everest HVAC & R’s reputation for delivering exceptional client centered solutions and solidifies our standing as a leader in residential climate control solutions in Joondalup.


Everest HVAC & R is dedicated to enhancing residential living through innovative and efficient climate control solutions. Our project at Burns Beach Road exemplifies our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. For bespoke heating and cooling services that blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics while delivering peak performance, turn to Everest HVAC & R. Let us help you achieve the perfect indoor climate.