In Perth, most families survive the winter by heating their homes. Soon summer will be upon us and across neighbourhoods air conditioners will be blasting cool air into homes, workplaces and cars.

But have you stopped to think that the air conditioner could be making you and your family sick?

With 4.6 million Australians using air conditioners in their daily life, how many are getting theirs serviced?  How many families have had the same air conditioner for years, never serviced, with all the dirt, mold and bacteria being pushed back into the air and into your lungs?

We all try to live healthy lives, feed our kids the best food to give them the right start in life, exercise to keep the heart and lungs strong so why do we neglect to ensure we have clean air through our air conditioners?

There are many reasons to take your home and workplace air quality seriously.

A brief google search of the dangers of having poorly maintained air conditioning reveals very scary articles such as “air-conditioner lung”.  This is a very serious auto immune reaction to small airborne particles.  If you are not maintaining and cleaning your air conditioner, it builds up dust, pollen and mould, and the longer it is left the more concentrated it gets.  This can lead to other health issues like asthma, allergies or infections like “air-conditioner lung”.





When did you last have your air conditioner serviced (umm never?) and are you getting sick from it?

There are signs that you are getting sick from your air conditioner.

Breathing Issues

All the micro-organisms we’ve discussed are living in your air conditioner and can potentially lead to respiratory problems.

Headaches and Dizziness

Do you have a post nasal drip that just won’t go away?  Does your head feel congested and headachy after being in an air conditioned building?  Again it could be all those little micro-organisms.

Symptoms of a Cold


Air Conditioners Can Cause Cold Symptoms

 According to Oxford Journals, individuals who spend a lot of time in air-conditioned environments tend to need a high amount of health care services for symptoms of a cold.


Service Your Dirty Air Conditioning 


There are benefits to having your air conditioner serviced besides saving your family’s health.


Regular servicing will help your air conditioner run more efficiently.If your filters are clogged with those nasty bugs, it causes your air conditioner to work even harder, using up more energy and pushing your electricity bill up.

Carbon Footprint

For those of us who are aware of our carbon foot print, an air conditioner that is not running energy efficiently leaves a big carbon foot print on the environment.  Routine services will help save the pennies and ease the conscience.


Extend Usage

When you spend money on a large appliance you want to get your monies worth.  We all want our machines to run effectively and efficiently for years.  Regular servicing can extend the operational life of the air conditioner?  There is a limit to how long any model will run but you can extend it by making sure it’s regularly serviced. 

Prevent Breakdowns

During the service of your machine, the technician will notice any wear and tear of parts and replace them, which prevents major breakdowns and we all know how much a major breakdown can cost.  This will in the long run save you money.



You may not particularly want to know what ugly dirty secrets your air conditioner has been keeping from you, but servicing your air conditioner regularly is a must for a healthy lifestyle and extending your air conditioner’s life.


With a fresh air conditioner service, you can look forward to breathing cleaner, fresher air.