Air Conditioning in Armadale

When it comes to air conditioning in Armadale, Everest HVAC & R is the name you can trust.

We’re not just another air conditioning service provider; we’re the local experts who understand the unique climate and lifestyle of Armadale.

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Why Choose Everest HVAC & R for Your Air Conditioning Needs in Armadale:

Customised Air Conditioning Installations:

Our team dives deep into your specific needs, offering air conditioning systems that are just right for you. With the latest tech in our toolkit, efficiency is the name of the game in every installation.

Reliable Air Conditioner Maintenance:

A well-maintained air conditioner is a long-lasting one. Our comprehensive maintenance services cover all the bases, from swapping out filters to cleaning coils, ensuring your system is always at its best.

Quick and Skilled Repairs:

Air conditioning issues can throw a wrench in your comfort. Whether it’s a minor setback or a major breakdown, our technicians are on it. Armed with genuine parts and a wealth of experience, we’ll have you back in your comfort zone ASAP.

Honesty is Our Policy:

We keep it real with you. No hidden charges or unexpected fees. What you see is what you get, and what you get is top-notch service.

Affordable Excellence:

Top-quality air conditioning service shouldn’t make you break the bank. We’re all about delivering exceptional service that’s easy on your wallet.

Industry-Leading Partnerships:

We’re aligned with the best in the air conditioning industry, giving you the advantage of cutting-edge innovations and top-tier service.

Frequently Asked Questions about air conditioning

Where Do You Operate?
Armadale and its surrounding areas are our turf.

What Kind of Air Conditioning Systems Do You Provide?
From compact split ACs to robust full-scale systems, we’ve got your needs covered.

How Often Should Maintenance Be Done?
For optimal performance, we recommend maintenance checks twice a year.


What’s Your Emergency Plan?
Our rapid-response team is geared up and ready for any urgent air conditioning issues.

What Guarantees Come with Your Service?
Quality and reliability are non-negotiables for us.

How Can I Book a Service?
Call us at 0404 282 841 or email

Do You Provide Free Estimates?
Yes, and they’re absolutely free.

Portable aircon in Armadale, Perth

Who Are Your Partners in the Industry?
We collaborate with the industry’s finest to bring you unparalleled service.

Everest HVAC & R Key Takeaways

Local Expertise: Everest HVAC & R knows Armadale like the back of our hand

Full-Service Offering: Installations, maintenance, repairs—we handle it all.

Quality Assurance: Our partnerships with top brands elevate our service.

Community Focus: We’re more than just a service; we’re part of the Armadale community.

Budget Conscious: Exceptional service that won’t empty your pockets.

Always Available: Our rapid-response team is ready for any emergency.

Transparency: We’re all about clear communication and honest service.

Trust Factor: Every service comes with our guarantee of quality and reliability.

Ready to feel the Everest difference? Get in touch to schedule your next air conditioning service in Armadale.


    Air conditioning in Armadale, Western Australia.  

    We specialise in ducted airconditioning  Armadale, Western Australia. We are also experts in reverse cycle air conditioning Armadale and promote brands such as Daikin air conditioning, Samsung air conditioning, Carrier air conditioning and Fujitsu air conditioning.

    Everest HVAC & R proudly provides aircon Yanchep maintenance and aircon service options for your air conditoning system  to keep you going throughout Armadale’s summer and winter.


    We have been operating in Armadale, Western Australia since 2012 and our focus is to provide the best quality service to our Armadale clients.

    We Specialise in Armadale ducted air conditioning and we are also qualified in reverse cycle air conditioning Armadale. 

    We service all areas of Armadale including surrounding suburbs such as Brookdale, Mount Richon and Seville Grove.


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